About Us

About Us


STIL Solutions is a social enterprise that enables and empowers individuals of all abilities and experiences to independently and effectively dispose of waste in public spaces.


Waste management and sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. At STIL Solutions, we look to bridge the gap between sustainability and accessibility, thereby enabling all community members, regardless of ability, to be stewards of our local and global environments.


We want everyone to engage and enjoy STIL and its products without hindrance. It is paramount that we continue to improve accessibility and inclusion throughout all aspects of our company.

We believe that we all need to take notable, effective, and sometimes radical actions to ensure our company, has a direct impact. We define boldness as thinking outside the box and balancing bravery with a results-driven mentality.

We are dedicated to the well-being of all individuals who engage with STIL. In other words, we commit to being attentive, calculated, and considerate in the way our work is done.

Our development and impact are based on our engagement, involvement, and collaboration with employees, community members, shareholders, etc. We commit to establishing structures that encourage dialogue as a way of implementing best practices.

Ensuring our work (or the results of it) do not overtly deplete the earth’s resources or cause damage to the environment.