Our indicators have a UV and non-slip coating and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Our indicators are made using a flexible vinyl material. They have a UV coating and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our products were designed in collaboration with custodial staff and facilities managers to ensure that the products are easy to clean and stand up to harsh cleaning chemicals and machines. The process for cleaning the indicators is the same process used for cleaning flooring. For example, if you use a vacuum to clean the floor, you would simply vacuum over the indicators as if they were part of the floor. If you mop the floor, you would simply mop over the indicators as well. Our indicators also include drainage gaps to ensure that water and dirt does not pool. They should also withstand the use of any heavy duty machinery such as snow blowers, and riding floor cleaners.

Colours for the WasteFinder and the Accessible Social Distancing Indicators were strategically selected for their accessibility. As such, we do not recommend changing the colours. With that in mind, companies can choose to customize colours, however, it would need to be a substantial order to cover the set-up time and production.

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