WasteFinder Package


14 vicinity indicators
1 recycling stream indicator
1 organic stream indicator
1 garbage stream indicator


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If you are looking to make your business, institution, organization, or community more sustainable and accessible for all, we have the solutions! WasteFinder is a two-part system that provides both tactile and visual information to assist individuals with disabilities to independently and effectively dispose of their waste in public spaces.

The Vicinity Indicator surrounds the surface area of the waste disposal unit. It lets individuals know when they’re within a certain distance of the bins. It can be felt distinctly underfoot even when using mobility devices.

Once in the vicinity of the waste disposal unit, the Stream Indicators help the user determine where to place their waste using raised symbols on the floor, so the user never needs to touch a waste disposal unit in search of braille or other tactile indicators, or get close enough to the waste disposal unit to read its signs. The Stream Indicators also use simple shapes that are easily detected underfoot or through a mobility device.

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