the stream indicator tiles for the wastefinder.
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Bridging The Gap Between Sustainability
And Accessibility

About WasteFinder

WasteFinder is a series of tactile signage indicators that are placed on the ground surrounding a waste container. It enables individuals of all abilities to independently and effectively locate waste containers and to dispose of their waste in the appropriate stream.


icon of a wheelchair user
icon of a heart
icon of a recycling symbol

Improves Accessibility

Fosters Social Inclusion

Increases Waste Diversion

About Us

STILSolutions is a social enterprise that enables and empowers individuals of all
abilities and experiences to independently and effectively dispose of waste in
public spaces.

Waste management and sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. At STIL Solutions, we look to bridge the gap between sustainability and accessibility, thereby enabling all community members, regardless of ability, to be stewards of our local and global environments.


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